Pharmaqo Turinabol


Pharmaqo Turinabol 10mg works by increasing nitrogen and protein in your muscles, resulting in greater muscle growth.

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Pharmaqo Turinabol 10mg is an anabolic steroid. This steroid, unlike many others, is mainly created to boost athletic performance.

  • Active Half-Life: 16 Hours
  • Classification: Anabolic Steroid
  • Dosage: Men 20-50 MG/DAY
  • Acne: Yes
  • Water Retention: Yes
  • Form: 10mg x 100 tabs
  • HBR: Yes
  • Hepatoxity: Yes
  • Aromatization: Yes
  • Manufacturer: Pharmaqo Labs

How to Take It

The drug can be administered using tablets for oral intake. Dosage and cycle length should be decided according to individual needs with guidance from a healthcare expert.


Turinabol is used by bodybuilders and athletes to enhance muscle growth, improve strength, and boost overall performance. It’s known for producing lean muscle gains without water retention, making it a popular choice for those looking for a desired physique.


Consultation with a healthcare professional prior to initiating use of Turinabol should be made. Using it for a long time can harm your liver; hence it is advisable to take regular liver function tests. Do not use Turinabol when suffering from liver problems or cardiac issues. Make sure to get your medication from reputable sellers to ensure it’s genuine.

Pharmaqo Turinabol Side Effects:

Using Turinabol can lead to several side effects. Common ones include feeling dizzy, having blurry vision, and a drop in testosterone levels. Some users might experience hair loss, acne, mood swings, and trouble sleeping.